Anti MIPIM Press conference in Cannes (France)

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Mar 182014


March 12th and 13th 2014 – An international coordination of housing rights activists is protesting against speculation at the MIPIM in Cannes. Organisations taking part in the press conference the Bond Precaire Woonvormen, the speculation research collective SPOK, Netherlands, Radical Housing Group London, Collectivo Habita for the right to Housing and the City, Portugal, Tenants’s Asso, Habita NETX, Germany.

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Promotion email [EN]

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Jul 262012

Hey squatters and friends,

Good news! The video archive at is back online. This means that a huge archive of squatting reports and movies is again available to download for free. We are also adding new films, both shorts and full-length items.
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[EN] ACPO Conference – Squatters UK 9mins 40mb mp4

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Sep 202011

ACPO Conference – Squatters UK

Date: 2011, Country: UK, City:Brighton/London/Southend, Language: Eng, Length: 9.5mins, Size: 40mb Type: mp4 Film-maker: Shergroup

Shergroup wankers talk about a few evictions in the UK (Raven’s Ait island, the church in Brighton, Camp Bling in Southend-on-Sea). This film was apparently shown at the 2011 ACPO conference (ACPO = Association of Chief Police Officers). See you next time suckers!!

[EN] Spike Surplus Scheme Resist 10mins 47mb mp4

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Sep 202009

Spike Surplus Scheme Resist

Date: 2009, Country: UK, City:London, Language: Eng, Length: 10mins, Size: 47mb Type: mp4

Spike Surplus is a community centre who has helped many artists, musicians and free thinkers to attain their goals. Now after ten years providing beneficial services to the community, Southwark Council are evicting the Scheme and selling of the land. This is a massive injustice! Please help the Spike!

UPDATE the place was evicted :{

[EN] Tactical Tourist 15mins mp4 75mb

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May 152008




Tactical Tourist

Date: 2008, Country: ES, Language: EN Length: 15mins, Size: 75mb Type: avi Film-maker: Dara Greenwald

Fun times in squatted former fascist police barracks, sex toys from discarded computer mouses, sewing in public spaces, rurban gardens: a diy portrait of the squatting movement in Barcelona.