• Lipdub – KukutzaIkusi duzuena Kukutza III Gaztetxean mugitzen denaren zatitxo bat besterik ez da. 13 urteetan garatutako proiektu partehartzaile eta autogestionatua. Gaur egun, Kukutza desalojo arriskuan dago eta guztion eskuetan dago defendatzea.
      [EN] Lovely film with no words about a social centre in Bilbao, now sadly evicted and demolished.


    • [NL, EN subs] Leegstand zonder zorgenLeegstand zonder zorgen is een reportage waarin 7 bewoners van de 2 grootste antikraakbureaus Camelot en Ad Hoc worden gevolgd.
      This is a a film about antisquat, tracking seven people using Camelot and Ad Hoc. You can also watch it with English subtitles


    • [EN] Villa Road – The story of Villa Road, a squatted street, during the heyday of squatting in the late 1970s, when all over the country people lived together in politicised communities. These squatters were on the left, and were part of a generation whose views were underwritten by Marxist ideology. They believed that the revolution was coming and the state would be overthrown.
      Villa Road in south London brought together an extraordinary community of over 200 people.


    • [NL, ENsubs] ADM in those early days– This footage was part of the documentary “De lente is gratis” (aired by the VPRO in 1999) about squatting in Amsterdam. We squatted the ADM on October 13th 1997. The attempted demolition by Bertus Luske was 3 months later (January 1999) on a Saturday at 6am in the morning…


    • [DE] Battle of Tuntenhaus [EN subs]The Tuntenhaus („House of Queers”) was originally a squat on Mainzer Str. in East Berlin. This gritty verité documentary follows the fortunes of the Tuntenhaus throught the days of anarchy and riots that followed German reunification to the sudden invasion by 3000 West German police, armed with tanks and tear gas in a massive operation to evict them.


    • [NL] De stad was van ons [EN subs]‘De stad was van ons’ ontrafelt de geschiedenis van de Amsterdamse kraakbeweging (1975 – 1988) door middel van interviews met krakers van het eerste uur, voor wie de politieke strijd belangrijker was dan het creëren van woonruimte. Daartegenover staan de krakers voor wie de politieke ideologie pas op de tweede plaats kwam. Spanningen tussen de ‘harde kern’ en de latere krakers leidden tot een spiraal van geweld en intimidatie.

      Classic Dutch squat-docu about the rise and fall of the movement in the 1980s

    • Roses on My Table

      This documentary short tells the story of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective in Richmond, VA, an organizing group and cooperative living space aimed at fostering mutual aid and grassroots resistance to authority. From maintaining a community center to carrying out occupations and disaster relief, the video illustrates some of the many ways a handful of committed people can transform their lives and their community.