[EN] Voices in the Community: Squatting and the Social Centre

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Sep 202013


Voices in the Community: Squatting and the Social Centre

Date: 2013, Country: UK, Language: Eng, Length: 30mins

Voices in the Community tells the story of occupied social centres in the UK and considers their significance in the recent discourse surrounding the criminalisation of squatting.

[EN] Bonnington Square 20mins

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Sep 202013


Bonnington Square

Date: 2013, Country: UK, City:London, Language: Eng, Length: 20mins

Bonnington Square is right in the heart of London, just two minutes walk from the river and just ten minutes from the Houses of Parliament. In the early eighties the one hundred houses of the Square were all squatted, forming a bohemian community from all around the world.The squat had two community gardens, a cafe, a wholefood shop, a nightclub, a newsletter and even a milkbar. Although it is no longer squatted, there are still many low rent housing cooperatives, and the cafe and the gardens are still collectively run, and the Square is now a model of a modern sustainable urban community.

d.i.y. film “Squat it the Russian way 140mb, Russian (eng sub) 47 min

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Jul 082013

d.i.y. film “Squat it the Russian way”(with English subtitle)

Download (mp4)

The documentary film “Squat it the Russian way” is a kind of presentation of modern squats in the Russian territory, of their creation, problems they faced and the reasons why they closed. We wanted to show the peculiarities of the movement , because special features of this country cause a lot of obstacles and dangers to unauthorized occupation of housing. It’s impossible to secure the building for the squatters and to create a social center as they practice it in Europe. The film includes materials of more than 10 squats.

[FR] Bouh! Un film sur le squat des 400 Couverts

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May 152013


Télécharger – http://bouh.poivron.org/

À Grenoble, de 2001 à 2005, une traverse entière a été squattée : plusieurs maisons d’habitation, une salle publique, des ateliers et plein de folies, d’humour, de galères, de collectifs, de colères, d’expérimentations…

Ce film, manigancé par 4 anciennes habitantes du squat est basé sur des recherches archéologiques approfondies, des traces éparses recueillies au fond de divers placards, de tiroirs mal refermés et de poches percées…

Nos histoires, nos luttes, sont précieuses, invisibles et trop souvent étouffées.


97 minutes — VF
Grenoble — janvier 2013

[EN] Visit Faslane 63mb 10mins mp4

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May 152013









Visit Faslane

Date: 2013, Country: Scotland, City: Faslane Language: EN Size: 63mb Length: 10min Type: mp4 Maker:Camcorder Guerillas

For over 30 years Faslane Peace Camp on the west coast of Scotland has been a beacon of anti militarism and anti nuclear action. Now the peace Camp need new supporters form all over the UK and beyond.
Can you help save the Faslane Peace Camp?

[EN] Maracana Squatters Clash With Riot Police 1min, mp4, 5mb

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Apr 092013









Maracana Squatters Clash With Riot Police

Date: 2013, Country: Brasil, City: Rio de Janeiro Language: EN Size: 5mb Length: 1min Type: mp4

Police have surrounded Rio de Janeiro’s Indian Museum complex, next to the legendary Maracana Stadium, and have released tear gas in a bid to expel a group of indigenous people and their supporters on Friday (March 22nd) – riot police clashed with supporters of the group, some of whom have been squatting in the crumbling complex for years.

[FR] Paths through utopias [EN subs] 112 minutes 548mb mp4

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Apr 072013

Paths through utopias

Date: 2009, Country: Europe, Language: FR, ENsubs, Length:112mins, Size:548mb Type: mp4 Film by Isabelle Fremeaux, John Jordan and Kypros Kyprianou Music by Isa Suarez.

A book-film project by Isabelle Fremeaux and John Jordan.
Blurring the fluid boundaries between present and future, documentary and fiction, Paths Through Utopias is a feature length utopian road movie exploring a post-capitalist Europe. Shot during a 7 month journey in 2008 visiting ten utopian experiments, the film is half of the book-film project published in France by Editions Zones. From the direct action Climate Camp set up illegally besides Heathrow airport to a hamlet squatted by French art punks, occupied self-managed Serbian factories to a free love commune in an ex Stasi base, this magicorealist travelogue transports us to a parallel universe where money is worthless and private property has been abolished.

[DK] 69 694mb 60 mins

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Apr 072013

69 Plus English subtitles

Date: 2007, Country: DK, City:Copenhagen, Language: DK, Subs: EN Length:60mins, Size: 694mb Type: mp4

“69” is a documentary about a large group of young people who did not see themselves, culturally or politically, as part of established society. In 1982 they lawfully occupied what was known as the Youth House (Ungdomshuset) at Jagtvej 69, on the outskirts of Copenhagen’s inner city. The film portrays the group’s situation in 2007, documenting the stormy last six months of the Youth House’s history, where the radicalized group rage against the establishment. By following the inner circle of activists, we learn more about the group, the reasons for their actions, and the cause of their predicament.


[NL] De Hokjesman Afl 5 De Autonomen 351mb 44mins

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Apr 072013











De Hokjesman – De Autonomen

Date: 2013, Country: NL, Language: NL, Length:39mins, Size: 351mb Type: mp4 Film-maker: Afl 5

Afl. 5: De Autonomen. Waarin Michael Schaap, alias De Hokjesman, op zoek gaat naar de wereldverbeteraars, de dromers, de linkse activisten, de subversieve autonomen, die niet lijdzaam toekijken, maar die de wereld willen veranderen.

Ofensiva Horticola a La Llagosta

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Feb 252013

rtfOfensiva Horticola a La Llagosta

Com a cloenda d’una trobada internacional d’activistes europeus de la xarxa “Reclaim the Fields” realitzada a Can Piella, el passat diumenge s’okupà un solar de La Llagosta per iniciar un hort popular.
En una jornada fresca pero festiva, s’obriren diferents bancals d’enciams i patates, amb la participació motivada dels veïns i d’un nodrit i divers grup d’activistes internacionals reunits a Can Piella per debatre sobre estrategies de lluita per la terra.
Can Piella resisteix ja a una setmana d’amenaça de desallotjament i fan una crida a la solidaritat activa per defensar l’espai i les terres cultivades.vegeu el video:Ofensiva Horticola

[EN] Roses on my Table 116mb 19mins FLV

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Feb 242013

wingnutRoses on My Table

Date: 2012, Country: USA, City:Richmond Language: ENG Length: 21mins, Size: 116mb Type: mp4

This documentary short tells the story of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective in Richmond, VA, an organizing group and cooperative living space aimed at fostering mutual aid and grassroots resistance to authority. From maintaining a community center to carrying out occupations and disaster relief, the video illustrates some of the many ways a handful of committed people can transform their lives and their community.

[GR]Video from the squat solidarity demo in Athen (.flv) 18mb

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Jan 122013

“Diakoptes”, is a group of cinema and television technicians that try to discuss and communicate the issues of their work, to go out on the streets, protest and challenge the inactivity. Believing in autonomy, away from the working unions that are influenced by political parties, believing in class struggle, in collective, self-organized and antihierarchical action, believing that everything starts from the workers themselves.

[GR] Βίντεο από την εισβολή στη Βίλλα Αμαλίας flv 3mins 15mb

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Jan 092013


Βίντεο από την εισβολή στη Βίλλα Αμαλίας

Date: 2013, Country: Greece, City:Athens, Language: GR, Length: 3mins, Size: 15mb Type: flv

Τραβήχτηκε μέσα από την Βίλλα την ώρα της ανακατάληψης (9-1-2013)

[EN] Video from inside Villa Amalias during its attempted re-occupation

[EN] The Art of Squatting 21mins 116mb mp4

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Dec 242012


The Art of Squatting – plus part2

Date: 2012, Country: UK, City:London Language: ENG Length: 21mins, Size: 8mb Type: FLV

This documentary takes a contemporary look at squatting in England. Mostly filmed in South London, it is set against the backdrop of the approaching olympics and the new law (passed today) which makes the practice of living in unused properties illegal. It explores the kinds of people who live in squats and why, and addresses how these places contribute to society. The film takes the view that squatting in itself is an artform.

Part 1 explores an underground punk gig at a squat, and we meet some of the people who help the night happen. We also learn a bit about squatting in the 1970s.

In Part 2 we talk to a band big on the southern squat scene. We visit the oldest squat in England and see how they open their arms to the public. We are introduced to a campaign group opposed to the law criminalising squatting, and we hear from the council and a housing association. We also visit an art exhibition with work from people who have been living homeless.

[NL] NOS – Een positieve kijk op het aflopen van de Maya-kalender 3mins mp4 13mb

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Dec 212012


Een positieve kijk op het aflopen van de Maya-kalender

Date: 2012, Country: Nederlands, City:buurt van Groningen, Language: NL, Length: 3mins, Size: 13mb Type: mp4

Morgen is de dag dat de Maya-kalender eindigt en de wereld dus vergaat. Volgens sommigen. Want er zijn ook Maya-aanhangers die niet zo somber zijn en juist kansen zien om van de aarde een paradijs te maken.

[A*dam]Bellymystraat gekraakt, niemand opgepakt (Dutch)

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Nov 272012


Statement by the new inhabitants of Bellamystraat 135hs

To everyone interested,

As long as there is emptiness and a need for housing, people will squat. The dutch ‘kraken en leegstand’ law, that should be aimed not only at banning squatting but also at fighting emptiness, is only being enforced partly. While the state evicts squats in a law and order fashion, where the law is the law and nobody can get around it, the other part of the same law is treated like it doesn’t even exist. The state once again shows it’s real aim: while repression is constantly rising capital is still being defended.

We want to live in a world in which bosses, cops and politicians don’t tell us what we can and can’t do, where no relationship is based on authority, and where everybody is treated equally, but no one has to be the same. The capitalist system that we now live in does not offer us any chance for this: we’re kept busy with the newest crap manufactured by childlabour and we’re kept scared with an economic crisis. Meanwhile exactly this crisis is used to take all our social rights, rights that have been fought for for so long, and they put a large ‘for sale’ sign on them.
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[EN] Al-Jazeera: British squatters face eviction after law change

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Nov 082012

British squatters face eviction

Thousands of squatters in England and Wales face possible eviction after a change in the law. As of midnight on Saturday, it is a criminal offence to squat in a residential property, meaning that homeowners will no longer need to go to court in order to secure an eviction. The change has prompted protests, as lawyers representing the homeless say the new law will criminalise the most vulnerable in British society. Al Jazeera’s Peter Sharp reports from London.

[GR] Βίντεο από το “ντου” στην κατάληψη” ΔΕΛΤΑ δίνει στη δημοσιότητα η ΕΛ.ΑΣ.! – Cops evicting Delta squat, Thessaloniki 3mins mp4 10mb

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Sep 132012

Delta squat evicted

Βίντεο από την επιχείρηση της αστυνομίας στην κατάληψη ΔΕΛΤΑ στη Θεσσαλονίκη έδωσε στη δημοσιότητα το αρχηγείο της ΕΛ.ΑΣ.

At approximately 7.30am on Wednesday, September 12th, in Thessaloniki, at least five MAT anti-riot police squadrons and two jeeps with EKAM special suppressive antiterrorist units lined up outside the anarchist squat Delta and stormed the building soon thereafter.

Ten people were arrested inside the building and others who arrived in solidarity were detained on the street. Also, more solidaritarians who gathered near the squat were surrounded and cut off by the police.


[EN] First eviction under new squatban 10mins MP4 30mb

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Sep 042012

Brighton First eviction under squatban

Watch police take an amusing TEN MINUTES to break the door on the first squat to raided since the law changed on September 1, criminalising those who live as squatters in residential buildings. No-one was living in this place but unfortunately three visitors were arrested. We love them and all squatters. Squatters Network of Brighton.

Tokludede Düşleri / Dreams of Tokludede [TU] 6mins 29mb MP4

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Aug 122012

Tokludede Düşleri / Dreams of Tokludede

Istanbul’daki Tokludede mahallesi, şehrin farklı yerlerinde de yürütülen kentsel dönüşüm projeleriyle uğraşıyor. Bölge tarihi ve mimari özellikleriyle şehrin önemli bölgelerinden biri. Yürütülmeye başlanan proje bölgenin tüm değerlerini umarsızca ve saygısızca yok ediyor. Burada yaşayan insanlar zorla göçe itiliyor. Belediye, bölgedeki evlerin elektriklerini ve sularını kesti. Diğer belediye hizmetleri de büyük ölçüde yerine getirilmiyor. Burada yaşayan insanların ise başka bir yere taşınmak için yeterli ekonomik güçleri bulunmuyor. Devlet, ev sahiplerine şehrin çeperlerinde bulunan ve yaşamak için yeterince uygun olmayan TOKİ konutlarında ev satın alma programı sunuyor. Bölgedeki kiracılar için ise herhangi bir ev satın alma programı bulunmuyor. Burada yaşayan insanların büyük bir bölümü şehri terk etmek zorunda kaldı. Diğerleri ise devletin teklifini kabul edip şehrin periferi bölgelerine taşındı. Son olarak burada kalan birkaç aile ise halen bu zorla göç karşısında direniyor. Bu kısa belgesel, Mimarlar Odası İstanbul Büyükkent Şubesi’nin ev sahipliği yaptığı Kent Düşleri Atölyesi süresince yapıldı.

With English subtitles.

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Promotion email [EN]

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Jul 262012

Hey squatters and friends,

Good news! The video archive at squat.net is back online. This means that a huge archive of squatting reports and movies is again available to download for free. We are also adding new films, both shorts and full-length items.
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