[EN] Give us space (trailer)

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Apr 072014


  • Give us space trailer
  • GIVE US SPACE is a documentary and a bit more. We focus on creative documentation, research and action around housing issues. The project came about from our direct experience dealing with many difficult housing situations in London, which affected all aspects of our lives; we learned a lot from it, researched it more deeply and we decided to share it!
    A feature documentary was the chosen medium, as we believe video is a powerful tool to spread the word and generate awareness. So far the film is the main focus of the project, however we plan to extend it to other creative areas and actions.
  • http://www.giveusspace.co.uk

[EN] The Art of Squatting 21mins 116mb mp4

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Dec 242012


The Art of Squatting – plus part2

Date: 2012, Country: UK, City:London Language: ENG Length: 21mins, Size: 8mb Type: FLV

This documentary takes a contemporary look at squatting in England. Mostly filmed in South London, it is set against the backdrop of the approaching olympics and the new law (passed today) which makes the practice of living in unused properties illegal. It explores the kinds of people who live in squats and why, and addresses how these places contribute to society. The film takes the view that squatting in itself is an artform.

Part 1 explores an underground punk gig at a squat, and we meet some of the people who help the night happen. We also learn a bit about squatting in the 1970s.

In Part 2 we talk to a band big on the southern squat scene. We visit the oldest squat in England and see how they open their arms to the public. We are introduced to a campaign group opposed to the law criminalising squatting, and we hear from the council and a housing association. We also visit an art exhibition with work from people who have been living homeless.

[EN] Al-Jazeera: British squatters face eviction after law change

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Nov 082012

British squatters face eviction

Thousands of squatters in England and Wales face possible eviction after a change in the law. As of midnight on Saturday, it is a criminal offence to squat in a residential property, meaning that homeowners will no longer need to go to court in order to secure an eviction. The change has prompted protests, as lawyers representing the homeless say the new law will criminalise the most vulnerable in British society. Al Jazeera’s Peter Sharp reports from London.

[EN] First eviction under new squatban 10mins MP4 30mb

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Sep 042012

Brighton First eviction under squatban

Watch police take an amusing TEN MINUTES to break the door on the first squat to raided since the law changed on September 1, criminalising those who live as squatters in residential buildings. No-one was living in this place but unfortunately three visitors were arrested. We love them and all squatters. Squatters Network of Brighton.

[EN] Channel4 – Criminalisation in UK

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Jun 082012

Channel4 – Criminalisation in UK

Channel4 – In 2012, squatting would become a criminal offence – police will be allowed to force entry and arrest anyone who has occupied a property. There could even be prison sentences for squatters if they are prosecuted. http://www.channel4.com/news/housing-crisis-solution-or-home-owner-harassment

Brighton Squatter Tales #1 (ENG) FLV 7min 58mb

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Nov 232011

Brighton Squatter Tales #1

Date: 2011, Country: UK, City:Brighton, Language: Eng, Length: 7mins, Size: 58mb Type: flv Filmaker: SchMovies.

On November 5 2011, Brighton squatters took to the streets in protest against the forthcoming criminalisation of squatting. A move which will only make things worth for the homeless and indeed anyone taking direct action to house themselves. This film includes the last footage of activist Mark Rivers, who died tragically that night.